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05:51pm 09/05/2005
  Today is an awesome day... very nice not to warm and not too cold...didnt really do much at all to day... no work today..^_^^_^_^_^_^ yea for me!!! played some basketball with dan*my bro* Laters like in an hour or so fluff is comming to pic me up... were going to go pick out his momies flowers... which he was supposted to do on mothers day but didnt so... we are doing that today^_^ and i am going to help him plant them....then i dont kno what we are going to do..^_^ i am trying to fix my computer it is totally not function right but oh well... i might get it to work it seems to be doing good so far...^_^tomorrow i gots work... all alone which sux...wensday i got my last day of skol...till summer classes weeeeeee what fun...thursay candi and i possible vega*Zai* are going to great lakes crossing... if we take vega we get there in like 20 mins the way she drives...
Oh yea i will try and scann in pix of xochils wedding ^_^ most of them turned out ok which is good^_^ i think that is all i got for right now^_^ok i will update if anything else happens ^_^

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up date ^_^   
12:22pm 08/05/2005
  So yesterday was xochil wedding it was very nice but me and fluffs missed the cermony... but she said it was ok... the reception place was very cold... there was an almost fight xochil was ready to kick some kids ass...before we even got to the recp. we were going to go to fluffs rents cottage... well there was a detour.... hahahaha lets just say i kno my way around there*+*.... wee took a really really long drive in the country area... it was fun... but we finally got there (rents place) just in time to say hey were going here and waht is the best way to get to the reception^_^ but it was very fun...
what else... hrm movies... i saw hitchhikers guid, love or something like it*new ashton one ithink that its name* and kingdom of heaven... all are good but k.o.h. is realy long...so dont drink to much in the theator i am making fluff take me to kungfu husle^_^ i wanna see that...
Ok lets see rents went to my cousins wedding which was the same day a xochils adn uncle john is in stage 4 cancer... if you dont kno that is not good that's, if you lucky a year or more left... which really really sux... He is my grandpa bro from my dads side... Him and aunt linda are more like my grand rents... ourfamily just fits in better with theres than my real grand rents... its weird but we feel more at home when we are with them... more relaxed to saywe can be us and not have to worry ^_^but it makes me sad because well reall gramps has cancer too:( and it the same way my mom's mom went...i havnt seen him in awhile either...

Quizzez i stole from skye^_^

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Maeve Connolly

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How the hell i got vegas i will never kno

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Damn i was only off by a month

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not all true not very meny any way

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off by a year...

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HE'S HOME!!!!   
12:30pm 02/05/2005
  FLUFFY"S HOME ^_^ YEA!!!!!^_^__^

Yes hes finally home i saw him yesterday evening with him... and he got home early ^_^ yeas mes happy, he got me a really really huge hoodie from his base...so now i can track his ass down...i am just so hyper hes back...^_^ i am having dinner with him... since he works today i am visiting him on his lunch...yea no works for me... which is good cuz i am zonked right now...^_^ ok well that is it for right now ^_^

Candi I am sorry about ur dad i hope he is doing much better... if you need me, call ok... and ash,maegan and mike are there too!!!
i dont kno when mikes taking his lunch today 3-6 somewhere in that region...if you need me call me b4 then ok ^_^
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12:32pm 26/04/2005
mood: sick
well candi and vega have been helping me with... keeping me busy, but fluffs finally called *doesa happy dance* yea he said he'll try back in a couple of days wends or thurdsay so yea i get to hear from him again i was getting worrried...:):):):):):)^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^ ^-^ i was glad he called he told me it snowed down there too, told him i still feel like shit i do now anyways...he was happy he gots to go and play on the boats^-^ i cant wait for him to come home...its sunday but i think i will be a busy little girl so i hope it goes by fast and dan and rents should be comming home thurd/frid ish so yea i wont be home alone...well i think that is it... nothing else too exciting eccept my microwave died on me so that really really sux and i dont kno how to fix it but oh well...i got to go to candi's now byes...^_^
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10:52pm 20/04/2005
mood: sad
this weekend will sux and be awesome at the same time... my rents are going to florida for over a week...but so is my fluff... which really sux... i get to be home with sparks, love my doggie but man he isnt really much but an over weight lap dog...i think dan and lindz are comming down for the weekend... but i dont kno how long they will stay down... then they are taking the truck back up to skoll there almost done for the summer....*Choking on dads smoke* And what sux even more is i think i am sick...my thought is all red, no blobies or streeks of white though which is good...Well i have work Candi and Zai to keep me company whilst eveyone is gone...^_^ oh that reminds me

***Candi, friday, i dotn get of work till 7 now...but we will call you when we get out, ash and i have the same hours...^_^***

Were not realy sure what we are going to go and see but there might be a toss up... i think we will see the new aston movie... i wait on the hustle till fluff comes back and make him got to that... yea i think that is what i will do unless i really want to and its something to do when we are bored...** See fluff i gots me a plan for u and mes, arent u proud, though i dont kno if you will read this but if you do yeppers that is what i will make you do take me to a movie ok? good**

But i will be sad cuz my fluffy will be gone...:*( i miss him already and i will see him tomorrow.... but then hes gone till the 1st of may... but candi and Ash said that they will keep me busy yea!!!
Ok well the smoke is killing me and i am really really tired right now wich is realy realy odd of me... ok so bedybye time for Kei
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02:35am 13/04/2005

`·.¸ Kim
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02:05am 13/04/2005
mood: tired
ok its been almost a month again since i have updated, but most stuff i have done you can see on candi's lj, saw a some movies, i couldnt tell you what they were for the life of me right now...Working more hours at work...:P good and bad to that... we have a new mangaer who is a major dick...thinks hes god at the store, its his way or the highway... oh well... well i just got off work oh lets say 4 hours ago... we then proceded to the Superk to get shit i forgot to get at our store... well i really didnt have time to get it... but fluffs came up to see me on my break and he was playin securty dude with jeff while he waited...^_^ back to some good stuff, Fluff and i are good, we just went to his aunts second wedding on saturday, which is funny since my great granda feuernal was on friday, and the stupid ppl at work didnt get a replacement for me, even though i talked to hr, and she said it was ok, i mean it was a feuernal, he was my great grandda its not like i am not going to go to that, like duh, so that day they were all like 'wehres kim' ash told them i was at a feuernal... duh stupid ppl...after that i went over and 'helped' fluff with his room, more like i watched since he only had one roller, so i was being noisy and looking through shit on his desk which hasnt been dusted inlike 25 years...
oh well lets see i let Zai drive my car up to great lakes crossing with candi, cuz candi and i got food, it was fun lets just say she really likes to accerlate in the curves,which is fun when you are trying to eat, but lets just say that was teh quickest i have ever gotten there.^_^ lets see what else, i am suppost to go to candis bday party, but they scheduled me a 2-10, i had requested it off, but all the ppl i would switch with are working that day, wich really sux, ash is going to try and have me call in but that is a long shift and i will feel bad that they dont have any one to cover for it, so i think my guilt will override anything that she has planned, * Sorry candi:( * so lets see what else any thing esle, jsut shopping with the girls, eating really kewl icecream^_^
Oh i kno what i can vent on, which will sux majorly, my rents are flying down to florida i think the 21st, they will be there for like 10 days or so, kewl yea whole house to me... yea yea ... Oh no Fluffs has his cg week+ the next day so the rents leave like wends or thursday and Fluff leaves friday, which really bites...:( he will be gone for so long... i told ash she has to say at the house with me till my rents get back...^_^ so next week will sux... no fluffy :( *very very sad face* oh well i will live as Fluffs says... but it will be a really sad 10+ days...
Oh yea i have what 3 weddings to go to now...^_^ Our co/worker Xochil *such-e* wedding on may 7th, ash and i are getting our hair done by carrie who i think will be there with us too ^__^ then i have my godfathers in the first weekend of August, then my cousin jeffs 2 weeks later, that if dan and i are even on the invite, if our name isnt on the card i will be like hell no sorry, Ok well you gotta kno a little more to get that... Our cousin jeff is a lawn care man, marrying a rich girl *stuipd song now inhead* So we "rednecks" Have to dress up to the nine, it is a strick black tie event, like our side has to show off or something, wich is all my uncle franks doing... right now he is on my shit list... Tell ing that if i am not it a gown ish dress i cant attend the wedding well he can kiss my pasty white ass!!! that is for sure!!! ok now that that is out of my system i fell a little better^_^ but that i think is every thing... i had plans to update this stupid thing like evey nite so i could go back and look at what i did those days... which is waht i sould do with my memory... but my computer is shit so i am using the one in the kitch... and mommie has a sharing problem... just ask fluff ^_^ ok i think i am done now... mes tired.. and sleepy...

PPs candi you seem to like to call me when i am at work dear... i u really need me just leave a message here^_^ k byes

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quizzes bored   
12:25am 30/03/2005
  Take the quiz: "What kind of eyes do you have?"

Your eyes are mysterour or hidden. You never like to go out and meet new people. You never trust anyone untill you have know them for years. you never talk to your parents about anything at all, and you neve tell your friends everything that you should. They say they care about you, but you think they just want something from you. Sooner or latter in life you know you will find that one true friend.

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pfft demon? wtf are you doing in this quiz? you an anti-demon...an angel. Enough said

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Wow ...... This is just for boredom .... if you got this answer it basically means you can cause people lots of pain ..... hm........ ? i wonder......

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10:26pm 27/03/2005
  Well happy easter to all i hope you all had fun....my day was eventful to say the least....Fluffs asked me to go to church today with him, i was like ok what time do i gotta be ready... he said nine... So i get up and read b4 nine, he comes all in so not matching blazer pants and tie, i was like what/why, do i need to dress you? So i get coffee, we head there, well we get there early, good i like to be early, we went downstairs and waited for the rest of the pple to arrive... :) fun fun, hes an alter boy so i sat with this sister becca and bro in law pat*mary's hubbie*... there fun... Lights are out we have to walk out side to come back into church, incence3 almost makes me have a sneeze attack several times, but i can hold it in. then its sit stand stand stand, sit for a min stand for an hour, well lets just day Kei didnt have the rite shoes for standin for that long... but they kept me a wake, i had 3in healed boots, i was rocking back and forth on them to keep awake, then we had to make shapes out of the money... why i dunno, so becca gave me one of her birds,, which was kewl, we tried to make thoses rings but i forgot how...more incense, not fun, then we all gather around the baskets downstairs... and the father/priest dude was splashing water all over the food, obv purfiing it duh, but he is good at gettin the ppl as well...:) i hid behind mary and pat, well pretty much mary and i hid be hind pat:)

then back to fluffs house, where i had to find my ebasket i found mine b4 fluffs did...:) it was fun i finally showed him where his was hid...had some food there, sat and watched the jak jack take... it was funny:) talked him into not wearing the blazer or tie, *they so did not match* and then we were off to aunt pams:) where we sat and talked for a bit more, mom was happy she and lindz they both got to see the new baby, andrew... me i am not a baby fan, i think there ugly little smelly suckers, but hey that is just me, so we played with mat Kira and big andrew, we werent there for too long, both fluff and i had to work at five, so we left at 4 ish and headed back home, i got home in plenty enought time to change watch a scene from a league of their own, then fluffs and i headed off to work...fun fun, i should have changed my shoes, i did every thing but the Service desk today, now i am home, and i can finally feel my feet again...:) yea...:) stillnot tired though,

Candi, what time are we seeing the movie, and which one are we seeing, leave a note or call the house/cel...ttyl
Cutting wind
Took From Skye   
02:34pm 20/03/2005
  Ok i take this quiz, that i get from Skyesailorjupiter its too see how well you kno the english lang. which i dont use much here cuz well i dont want to... but i kno it good enough to take the quiz... I didt do that good on it so i went to check the answers... and i have most of them right...so i dont kno why i scored so little...:) oh well the creator of the quiz says it has something to do wiht the site programs... oh well i check out other quizzes to do...:)

At your ten year high school reunion... by robbiewriter
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i like this one
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update on shit   
01:39am 20/03/2005
mood: curious
ok i have updated receltly but i havent told ppl ne thing... now what good is that... ok lets start... Hrm...its been 3 weeks going on now...ok saw the pacifier with vin d... yea... it was fun... i went with Fluff, Zai, Nite, Mary and pat...:) it was fun
Been workin more hours... which is good... closing alot.. dunno... mad a new community with Zai...:) yea.... Been eating out like crazy...oh went to lakeside... ok you have to understand there are "my" stores which are always there and nothing has changed with them for a long time... so Fluff takes me there and its been a good month or two since i moved... they took out my china arts place moved waldens... took out my kewl dragon store... oh i was going to cry... waldens is much smaller.:(
Ok had to vent that one out... i think 3 stores were still where i knew they would be...

We finally finished candis room lets just say if you read her journal... her walls are almost as pink as her text box...but its fun....:) now i get to help Fluffs do his room we jsut have to wait till his bro gets done...

Went out with mike and fam for his brother in law, pat, birthday... we went to the cutting bord... nice place...:)

Hung out with candi/Zai/Nite more..Then some more Fluff.... with can and ash alot too... had some girls days..:) Fluffy was there alot too... what else did i see... i jsut saw the ring too... the movie wasnt that bad but the croud was...:P poopy pple some dude was snooring behind us, treasure hunt, with nick cadge,

Had fun for st pattys day i got to wear green to work...;) yea...

Candi almost had a melt down... matt was a dick, but now hes not... so its all good... back int he fraser hood *sorry had too* Friday went there all in peices.. ull see if u read her journal...:) so i say byes to my fluffs he left for cg this weekend...;) i went to candis right after that...She is balling... i calm her down am there long enough to hear her convo with mts...but then i gotta work... so off to work...talked with fluff... then back to candis with ash... but we went to conies with amber, steve, and candi... then nick and james showed up and rick and tim *i think* ambers ex's **again i think** so we sit there and eat the enoumuse amoutn of fries that are at the table... there were 5 plate full... waitreess messed up the order...;) hey i got free food out of it... yea... then ambers like come to this party... well candi needed it so we went... ash and i got really itchy eyes from the smoke...Nick the major drunk was hitting on ne thing with to legs...Hey candi... no more than to ever!!! u hear me... that is it for you my dear...;) u kno what i mean... so candi comes with us to drive ash home... its like one am now... candis liek i am hungry... lets get food... so we are out for another 2 hours before we get back to her house...But to day ended up much better she got to talk it out with mat... i watched from the window with her mom and cami... who played with the blinds...didnt help...they apperantly worked out every thing and mat was brave enough to come and face me and candis mom together... then we went out for food...:) mat bought both me and candi lucnh/breakfast (for me neways) which was nice... then we went to the mall to shop for candis bday gift from mat...OMG almost 3 hours of expencie purse shopping... Her purse cost 6x more than mine i and i can fit her in my side pocket... oh my lord...i coulndt belive it...oh well then i had to work again...Zai was going to go with us to the movies but didnt she was wiped out... so Mike *mats friend* and amanda came with us.. yea 5 ppl in a little neon... what fun no... but it was ok...

Now i cant wait to see my fluff... He bought me a comforter that goes with my room and bedding set now...:) yea ... so yea i have been a busy little girl havent i... yea go me...:)
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Messanger problems   
11:59am 17/03/2005
mood: pissed off
Ok i dont kno if anyone will kno this but i am puttin it in here anyways... i have been trying to get my yahoo messagner back... my computer was being stupid and my mom did somehting to make it better...yea for that... but i reinstalled my messanger... and it will not and i mean NOT work i am gettin pissed at it...the icon is there on the dstp and i click on it the window to sign on is there like normal... but the mineut i hit a kew or move the mouse over it it dissipears... i am gettin pissed at it... so i un install it... reinstal... like 3-4x and it still wont work... grrrrrrrrr i get one thing working and the other thing wont... i cant win...:( computers are heaven and hell all wraped up in to one i cant live with them and i really cant live without them...(ie i willgo crazy) when i think they will work they wont

Cutting wind
03:38pm 16/03/2005
  New community DBZ fans ONLY PLease Must be 14 years old...^_^</font>

New Generation


Go JOIN We need people... Pic your fave or make someone up... Get in while you can..:)
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03:34pm 11/03/2005
  my bundler works my bundler works my bundler worksmy bundler worksmy bundler worksmy bundler worksmy bundler worksmy bundler works yea yea yea i am so happy but now i am off to work then i get to see my fluff...^_^ yea!!! byes  
Cutting wind
05:10pm 05/03/2005
  we just watched the passifer last nite so the vinis diesal...:) it was fun a kute...:)

LJ Friends Meme by coolerq

• You must tell `1201 people about this game.
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vin is one you like but can't work out.
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maegan is the one who knows you very well.
candace is your lucky star.
break away is the song that matches with mike.
Away from the sun is the song for vin.
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10:43pm 03/03/2005
  Showing candi how to do pics...  
Cutting wind
Stupid computer!!!!!!!!   
01:46pm 03/03/2005
mood: pissed off
ok i am pissed off at my computer... it will not, and i mean NOT let me run my bundler... it has like 50-57 app running at a time i kno its only suppost to be like 35 that is nearly 2x waht it should be... I thought it was a memory problem but i did everything it said to do in the help board... and yea nope it didnt work..:P i am not a happy camper right now...:P so pics will not be dont till i get it working GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I even tried shutting them down fro atl crt delet... and yea no go there is still like 47 still runnin and i dont kno which ones to shut down i am goin to scream at this p.o.s. GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR <*shakes fist at computer* stupid stupid stupid thing..... its evil....GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRR
I deleted my internet cookies/files as well to clear room still noting... and let me tell you there was a shit load of those... it was set on some funny setting but that is fixed now... the only thing that pisses me off about that is that i cnat delete evey file in it... it jsut wont let me do that.... computer is evil....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:0 <--- *me yelling at it* ok i want to kill it is that ok??? well i gotta go i gots work soonly... then to ashes with candi...:) byes
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how fast r u???   
05:54pm 02/03/2005
Cutting wind
Needs characters...:) Now have pics for needed ones...:)   
03:43pm 02/03/2005
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ok today much better..:)   
01:38am 01/03/2005
mood: crazy
Yea today was much better... it Zai's b day she 19 years old... first i had her come over and she opened her present/s from me and Fluffy...:) its this huge box with a shit load of newspaper in it so she has to tip it on its side just to get all of it out..:) it was funny the basement floor was covered in newpaper..:) but she loved eveything we got her which is good..:) Candi and Matt were supposed to come out and eat with us but we left too early for them to come...:( but i think i am helping finish or attempt to finish paintin her room with her tomorrow... but ne ways back to the day... we went for food after that... with her family Fluffys came since he was working across the street from where we ate..:)then Zai and i went and saw cursed at the mjr theater..:) it was not what we were thinkin it was but i like it still>:) good movie funny not really scary... course i like scary movies...:) by the time we got out of all of that it was almost ten...:) so fluffs told me to tell him which hosue we were goin back to becase he was going to deliver some peices to/for our now broken crossbows...Fluffs bought me and Zai crossbow... both on the first shot the ends broke... well shattered off is more like it...they're these little plastic peices u put on the end for the string... so we will fix that later..:) we started to watch deep blue sea at her house when he finially got there...but before that he brought his bow over and showed us he could impail his coat..:) i made him take me home... that was fun 35 down grosbeck... it was that slushy slippery snow that jsut fell as we watched the movie..:) yea... not with his car so i made him prommise to text me when he got home and like a good Fluffy he did..:) so now i am just letting everyone kno my day was GOOD not bad likeyesterdays..:) which seems like so long ago but it wasnt....

Candi~ girl i am sorry i forgot to call and tell u the exact time... u wouldnt have been able to make it either way... sorry about that...but i will see you tomorrow..:)

Skye~ I had left my phone at Zai's house i am so sorry i didnt have it with me... jsut leave me some thing on the messagner for me to read... ill get back as soon as i can....:)

`·.¸Kei < stole from candi...:)
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